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Yellowtail  WINGS

Yellowtail WINGS is an online course of 8 sessions.

The course will transform your relationship with your thoughts, helping you to thrive in the sporting arena and achieve greater happiness and contentment in your life.

Touching on core topics that are important for all athletes, we will introduce you to some key psychological principles so you can overcome the mental challenges you face in your sport.  You'll get practical advice for dealing with negative thoughts and emotions and and tips on how to live your best life, in and away from the sports arena.

You will come away being able to:

  • Understand the human mind (including your own mind) and use mindfulness and acceptance in sport and in life

  • Connect to your purpose and values to help drive your performance and live the life you want to live

  • Be more confident, increase your focus and be able to handle the pressure of competition

  • Understand what motivates you and how to live your best life

  • Use tools to overcome setbacks along your journey to high performance and happiness.

Other benefits of the Yellowtail WINGS course include:

  • It's open to performers from different sports, so you get share learning and hear about other athletes' experiences

  • We see you as a whole human, and so this course helps you in both everyday life and in sport – double whammy!

  • It's totally virtual, so you can learn from the comfort of your own home

  • Sessions are interactive and engaging, including activities, 2-way engagement and reflective exercises, so don’t expect to be sitting idly!

  • Tangible & practical, making sure that what can be ‘wishy washy’ psychology is turned into practical strategies you can go away and try straight away

  • Based on research and practice, challenging you to think in a different way, and may be different from other psychology support you have received

  • Open to athletes, coaches and support staff and available to book as an individual or for a whole team.

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One-to-one Support

We want to support you in the best way possible.

You can book one-to-one sport psychology sessions with either Jenna or Alison.

In these sessions, we will provide individualised support to help you understand your own thought processes, identify what might be holding you back and find a way forward that will take you to the next level in your sport and help you better deal with life’s challenges.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing Sessions

The Yellowtail  Mental Health & Wellbeing course is for sports clubs and teams.

It involves 2 x 1 hour sessions providing you with insight into how you can adapt your mindset and behaviour to be able to support yourself with your own mental health.

The sessions will help you to:

  • Understand your mind and what mental health is all about

  • How to drop the struggle with your thoughts and learn to accept all emotions, good and bad

  • Develop healthy habits to improve your physical, mental and emotional health

  • Learn how to use relationships to support your own mental health

Mental Health & Wellbeing for Teenage Girls

We all know the impact that the pressures of school work, social media, sport or hobbies, social life – and now lockdown - can have on young girls. We’re here to help them manage these challenges and develop into flourishing adults.


The Yellowtail  Mental Health & Wellbeing course for Teenage girls is 3 sessions covering a range of topics from body image, to dealing with pressure. The sessions are designed to:

  • Introduce key psychological principles that will help develop their self-awareness, confidence and resilience

  • Offer practical advice for dealing with negative thoughts, feelings and emotions

  • Provide strategies to bring success and fulfilment in life

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Sport Specific Sessions

The Yellowtail  psychology team have worked with over 25 sports. Whilst there are a lot of common psychological principles relevant to all sports individuals and teams, we understand that there are also some nuances between psychological demands places on athletes and coaches from different sports.

We have developed specific Yellowtail  packages based on this intricate understanding, for sports including:

     Golf                                  Triathlon                                 Netball                                   Hockey                                     Tennis

Session topics include: dealing with pressure, handling nerves, motivation, confidence and courage, focus and overcoming setbacks.

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